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Hill said she felt OK about the prospect of them dating — until it actually started happening."I was a little soft on it, but then when you go through it for the first time — those of you who have daughters out there — all of a sudden I became this animal, like, do it, take the sledge hammer to the front [room]," she quipped.

"Whatever you have to do, do it."The two eldest girls are in college now, but Audrey still lives at home in Nashville with her parents. "It's still hard," she confessed to De Generes of seeing her daughters grow up and leave the house.

He transferred private Super 8 films to video, shot weddings, and edited video news releases for PR companies.

What probably separated him from others in similar positions, though, is that he would use that footage to remix into his own bizarre videos.

It was practice for something, but he didn’t quite know what.

Uncle Muscles shows a classic clip from 1993 of Casey and his Brother performing "Horse And Buggy Ride".

Greg explains why he would be a good lover on the "Video Match" dating service but admits he has petite feet which often make people confuse the sound of his footsteps with that of a lady.

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