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Updating marital status

Will my processing time be affected and will be back to zero again?Please advise because many of my friends are telling me this.What kinds of changes can I make to my FAFSA once it’s been processed?Corrections: If You Made a Mistake Updates: If Your Situation Has Changed Changes to Federal School Codes: If You Want to Add or Delete a School How do I make changes to my FAFSA If you made a mistake in what you reported on the FAFSA, you’ll need to make a correction.want to know your situation as of the day you sign the FAFSA.However, there are some instances in which you’ll want to (or be required to) change the information you reported.You can try calling the Embassy and ask the operator what they should do; sometimes they provide you with an answer on what you should do, whether write a letter or submit the documents. there are other documents that will be required from your spouse aside from the NSO copy of the marriage certificate.

He was still single when he applied for immigrant visa year 2001, We got married june 2004, on the same year, he updated his application and marital status, i also submitted all the necessary documents needed.I just like to know if this action I have made (i.e.updating may maritals status and application)would cause my waiting time to be longer?Moreover, what happens if you move from New York to a state that does not have such a law?In order to protect yourself and your intended beneficiaries after your divorce, you should update: Updating many of these documents may require you to provide a certified copy of your final divorce decree.

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Note: The online FAFSA doesn’t allow you to change your Social Security number (SSN).