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Updating garmin c330 maps

When the update is completed expose the device to the sky for at least 15 minutes.

Reset the device which is a known fix for many Garmin C330 problems.

For info, routable ones that I created last week for UK Ireland were 500Mb - 600Mb depending on what was included.

When the process is completed the problem should be resolved. It is far sturdier than other holders and more suited to supporting the weight of the Streetpilot C330.

The device should now navigate as it is designed to. Remove the four screws which will now be exposed to split the case. It is not easy to replace a 330’s battery because it is not a plug and play component and needs some soldering.

However, the maps are still from 2007 and a lot has changed since then.

So, I was browsing around and found mentions that you could use OSM for the SPIII.

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