Sweden free adult chat

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Sweden free adult chat

Albania (2010), Andorra (2014), Argentina (2014), Austria (1989), Benin (2015), Bolivia (2014), Brazil (2014), Bulgaria (2000), Cabo Verde (2013), Republic of Congo (2010), Costa Rica (2008), Croatia (1999), Cyprus (1994), Denmark (1997), Estonia (2014), Finland (1983), Germany (2000), Greece (2006), Honduras (2013), Hungary (2004), Iceland (2003), Ireland (2015), Israel (2000), Kenya (2010), Latvia (1998), Liechtenstein (2008), Luxembourg (2008), TFYR Macedonia (2013), Malta (2014), Republic of Moldova (2008), Mongolia (2016), the Netherlands (2007), New Zealand (2007), Nicaragua (2014), Norway (1987), Peru (2015), Poland (2010), Portugal (2007), Romania (2004), San Marino (2014), South Sudan (2011), Spain (2007), Sweden (1979), Togo (2007), Tunisia (2010), Turkmenistan (2002), Ukraine (2003), Uruguay (2007), Venezuela (2007) Source: End Corporal …the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children has recommended full prohibition of all corporal punishment of children, in all settings, in all states. ‘Economic development and the institution of paid parental leave decreased parents’ stress level.Technological inventions produced safer homes, lessening the need for harsh discipline’, Janson says.During the 1970s, the debate on child abuse intensified. In the 1980s only a third of children were spanked, and in the 1990s that number had shrunk to about a fifth, according to Janson.Staffan Janson, pediatrician and professor of public health in the Swedish city of Karlstad*, explains that attitudes had changed already before the new law came: ‘When parliament voted on the issue in 1979, two-thirds of parents were already in favour of a legal injunction.’ On 15 March 1979, the members of the Swedish parliament were the first in the world to vote for the prohibition. He recently had his findings on violence against children published in the prestigious medical journal .Spanking, slapping, smacking, pinching, hair-pulling, whipping, paddling – corporal punishment by any name or means is prohibited in Sweden, both at home and in school. Slowly, though, more and more parents voluntarily refrained from its use and corporal punishment was prohibited throughout the educational system in 1958.

In other words, what was widely viewed as a radical, very Swedish initiative in the 1970s has now become an official or unofficial norm in more than 50 of the world’s 203 nations.

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‘Also, since more children attended preschool, it became increasingly difficult for abusive parents to hide their children’s bruises.