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Following this multicultural evaluative investigation which included a multi-disciplinary enquiry, data was summarised and a tentative training programme suggested. Qualitative data to assist the practitioner has been summarised and a continuous feedback loop of evaluation and improved programme planning initiated in accordance with the requirements of illuminative action research.

Johannesburg, South Africa - In the shadow of an underpass, wearing a black bob wig, Tlaleng paces along her patch of Nugget Street, scanning the downtown Johannesburg traffic.

Zuma also continues to face occasional protests over his acquittal for rape 10 years ago.

The high incidence of divorce and marital breakdown in South Africa warrants attention and organised prevention.

Earlier this month, cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, who signs “Zapiro” on his work, penned an image that showed Zuma zipping up his trousers and walking away from a distraught woman wearing a dress with the colors of the South African flag and being held down by Zuma supporters.The animal’s owner reported the sex attack to village elders and claimed it was not the first time the man interfered with the donkey, said the local Capricorn Voice newspaper.The ass’s owner allegedly demanded that the farmer be forced to take the donkey as a wife.Last June, as part , the country became one of the first in the world to provide Pr EP, a prophylaxis pill that protects against HIV, free of charge to sex workers.This article investigates Gayle Rubin's 1984 article “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality” as a piece of “traveling theory.” It takes a key concept, “hierarchies of sexual value,” and its representation in a famous graphic, “the charmed circle,” to see what aspects of sexual politics in South Africa Rubin's concept can illuminate, both for the moment in which the essay was written and for the present.

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Previous findings that sexual dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons of marital breakdown has been confirmed as well as the fact that it is often a mere symptom of various difficulties and poor marital communication.

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