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They are organized by major dating game, and an additional 'Miscellaneous' gallery - it'll have what you need!

Also - if you are looking for hot girl wallpapers, check our Wallpapers section, and look under 'Random Dating Sims'.

Hi, I’m Nina, and I’m here to talk about some games I really care about.

So please, join me as I recline on a dakimakura, drink a glass of wine, and reflect on my most memorable video game experiences of 2015!

This gallery took a lot longer to put together than expected. D is a novel series, and each book is packed with great character illustrations. Sailor Moon - Everything you'd ever want or need to know!

See, we wanted to keep it 'all-ages', which meant leaving out what the majority of folks are looking for - you know what I mean. Manga - Information and reviews of the best manga around! MP3 - the best legal places you can get your music fix! Dragonball Z - Everything you'd ever want or need to know!

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Boombang is a colorful, cartoony, youth friendly world where users can created customized avatars of themselves and hang out with their friends or any of the multitude of users online.

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