Rock springs wy dating sex dating in rancocas new jersey

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Rock springs wy dating

I'm respectful, passionate, romantic and My interests include gay rights activism, non-violent civil disobedience, rock concerts, choir and vocals, gaming, hanging out with my friends, maryjane very rarely, otaku, b&w photography, art, visiting museums, traveling, and the L-Word.I´d like to meet Let's see, I'm a 22 yr-old lesbain living in Wyoming... I'm 5'10", dark blonde, and am rather good at doing the Truffle Shuffle (Goonies refrence).I'm planning on moving this next year, still trying to decide where, I have a cousin in Nashville that is trying to get me up there with her so I can play my fiddle for her, so you never know what might happen! I'm rather blonde at times, but it makes some things that much more fun!I have a lot of fun anywhere I go, and would love to have a wonderful woman by my side through all of it!If your a real ass person then hit me up I'd llove to talk to ya!i'm a 1st year college student, and all i seem to do is work, go to school, and practice in the local symphony.I do websites and techsupport for a living at an ISP.

I am very romantic, and I know how to treat a woman right. I love travel and history and would like to meet someone with some of the same interests.I'm a criminal justice student and work for the parks & rec dept.I'm a country Tom boy, who actually lives in Green River!i would like someone to spend my extra time with, someone that will encourage me in all the endeavours that i plan to endure. i want someone that won't rush this relationship, because i've been rushed too many times before, and i don't think my heart can take just one more heartache.this guy must be no older than about 25 or so, and must be preferably tall (somewhat). but other than that, this guy I'm a wyoming native looking for some one with an open mind, with interest similar to my own and no need to waste time judging others.

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