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Not intimidating synonyms

They remind these people of the existential crisis that cause their current state of being. According to the book Strong, aggressive, ambitious people intimidate weak, passive, lackadaisical people regardless of sex.Tom Engelhardt said it wisely when he said, "Words denied mean analyses not offered, things not grasped, surprise not registered, strangeness not taken in, all of which means that terrible mistakes are repeated, wounding ways of acting in the world never seriously reconsidered.The words' absence chains you to the present, to what's accepted and acceptable." Being bullied at work most closely resembles the experience of being a battered spouse.

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Gervaise was intimidated by this strange reception and felt uneasy.

She was intimidated; she was a woman and she could not help herself.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the legal case, ‘menace’ tends to evoke images of very large men of grim appearance, wielding serious weaponry so as to coerce someone into doing something.

Also, why was the tweet described as ‘menacing’ rather than ‘threatening’ or even ‘intimidating’?

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