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Danesha has serious doubts that Derick will ever be able to put her and their child first, ahead of his mom.We saw this spirited conversation, as Derick’s mom KIMBERLY joined everyone on the show!He could be displaying some troublesome signs and all they all point to Mom.

If a guy is excessively devoted to his mother and he's not obviously a manly man, then he will be seen as a sensitive guy even if he doesn't act like one.He called her "stupid," "lazy," and in a story he was telling, said, "I told her to shut up."I called my girlfriend the next day and told her about the conversation. There is nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man who doesn't respect or show love to his mom.There is also nothing more attractive to a woman than watching her guy treat his mom like gold. A man giving his mom flowers, taking her to church, or even just putting his arms around her for a big hug is so darn sweet!This form is still likely to be Played for Laughs, but in a more endearing way. For instance, in Anglophone countries where individuality is highly valued, the trope is more likely to be negative, but in Asian and Latin American cultures where living with parents until (and even after) marriage is normal, that kind of devotion to one's parents is more likely to be seen positively. Just because he doesn't have MOM tattooed on his arm doesn't mean you aren't dating a bona fide mama's boy.

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