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B'Wana created a fusion of her two favorite animals, a kitten and horse.

Before she could tell B'Wana something, Gorilla Grodd's army invaded.

In fact, if the phone weren’t right in front of me and blatantly interrupting our conversation, I wouldn’t have looked at all. That’s why I started to laugh — the timing was ridiculous. I felt slightly reassured, but told him I needed some time alone.

I was two glasses of wine deep and reading upside down, but the words were unmistakable. I lifted my gaze from the screen to his face, and saw the color drain slightly before he sighed and laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. He had made it before we had started dating and had simply forgotten to delete it. The next day I called one of my friends who I knew was on Tinder. A few days later, I was looking out over the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico from my airplane window. I was going to be meeting up with a group of women in a couple days, but the beginning part of my trip was solo. I had one afternoon of furious swiping when I first downloaded Tinder, one day post-breakup, but I hadn’t used it since.

Shapiro pleaded with him not to evict her because she would have to move back in with her 'Uncle Joel' - who Bivins later discovered was her 83-year-old lover.

As Vixen, Mari uses the totem to give her the abilities of one animal of her choosing at a time.

Together, they defeated Killer Moth as he robbed a Classic Jewelry store.

After the villains were rounded up, Vixen proposed marriage to B'Wana Beast and he accepted. However, before a surgery could be conducted, Starro spoke through her and announced a defensive was too late.

Soon after, Vixen was implanted with a Starro clone and joined in the impending invasion. After the Starro Invasion, Vixen was devastated when she realized B'Wana Beast died while helping save the Earth.

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By pretending to be in love with Bivin, Shapiro caused him to break all ties with his family, tracked his whereabouts and stole his credit information, according to the suit.