How to survice dating a bitch

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How to survice dating a bitch

She is a master at mind games, the player of players. If you are being a little bitch about something, she will tell you. In fact, if you are doing anything that she doesn’t like, you’ll know.She’ll let you know by calling you a, “lil bitch,” “idiot,” “dumb ass,” or take a more creative approach like, “I’d rather makeout with a homeless man for five dollars than spend one more second in this car with you.CON: Meeting him for dinner but not really remembering what he looks like because that night on the train, you were about to pass out drunk and if it wasn’t for him, you would have dozed off and ended up at the end of the line in Queens.He ends up being pretty cute, but takes you to a new-agey vegan place where he ridicules the waitress about the music selection, suggesting that she play the “sounds of nature,” Enigma-inspired CD he recorded and that he will bring in a copy tomorrow.CON: On a subsequent date, after the initial romance buzz wears off, discovering that he is an aspiring stand up comic who has just been fired from a Chinese restaurant, causing him to murmur semi-racist rants under his breath during the off-Broadway play that he “paid” for with the free tickets he got from his “job,” which is standing in Times Square wearing a sandwich-board that advertises the aforementioned show at which you are now in attendance.PRO: Meeting an adorable French guy on the train when he saunters up to you and presents you with a red rose in front of all his friends, and then runs off the train when it reaches his stop, but not before leaving you with his name and number, adorably scrawled on a piece of paper.

I mean, who wouldn’t cop an attitude if they had blood draining from their genitals and cramps that have you practically paying rent to a heating pad?She may be hard and sassy but don’t underestimate her soft side.She’ll tease you for being a sap, but she’s smiling because she likes knowing how much you care.After the dinner you ask your girl to do something and her response is, "Why don't you ask that bitch that you were smiling at to get your damn phone charger?" "She was the waitress honey we are suppose to be nice."Any time you see a friend from school and you guys exchange a smile or talk about the fun times in high school, and she has the look on her face like, "smile at that ho one more fucking time." "Babe she wasn't a ho, we were in yearbook class together."When she has everything you do on social media linked to her phone, that could be a problem.

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She’ll fly straight away if you make her mad, probably with her cute little demon-sized wings.