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Unwitting star of the eight-year-old photograph Rhiannon Jones, aged 31, said the accidental pun drew attention from customers when it first appeared.

“At the time we did have a lot of people coming in saying ‘do you realise how that sounds? “It was flagged up almost immediately and quickly the slogan was changed to ‘Helping Local Animals’”.

While the woman in question is wearing a low-cut top, it's the man in the image that really steals the show; he's wearing a checked shirt with very pointy collar and on top of it a jumper with a pattern that might induce a headache.

The look is topped off with a pair of cream trousers, complete with perfectly pressed creases.

Tastes change, of course, but looking at some of the adverts that graced newspapers and magazines in the latter half of the 20th century, it's hard to believe that the advertising brains behind them thought they might actually work.

If the ad world's top gunslingers now rely on more modern methods of reaching their audience including hopping across multiple media platforms to reach them, once it was all about a single, thoughtfully-composed image.

We've unearthed some of the more comical adverts that were regularly placed in the nation's national newspapers or glossy magazines, all of which hoped to persuade shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash.

Mr Donoghue tweets amusing photographs on a regular basis and uses them as inspiration for his books, which describe the funny side of his military and police service.THOUSANDS of people who shared an image of the unfortunate slogan of a "new" Bury charity shop have found the joke’s on them – the picture was actually taken in August 2005.The RSPCA shop at The Rock became an internet sensation on Twitter and Facebook for its "Helping Bury Animals" strapline, but the facade was changed just a month after the store opened.The aim is to encourage people to offer a more realistic representation of themselves than a typical dating site would require.The strapline of ‘Settle For Love – Embrace Your Imperfections’ neatly encapsulates the site’s ideology. Wheeler explains: “.” He also recalled meeting up with several women who had posted photos of their younger selves on their dating profiles.

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Rhiannon, who is second from left in the photograph, worked at the Bury store when it opened but now staffs the Radcliffe branch.

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