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And we do have such a witness—the God of the Bible!

In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange. In 2007, a Roman-era bronze sculpture of "Artemis and the Stag" was sold at Sotheby's in New York for US.6 million, by far exceeding its estimates and at the time setting the new record as the most expensive sculpture as well as work from antiquity ever sold at auction.

And that’s what we find—in the earth’s geology, biology, paleontology, and even astronomy.

So we should expect to find plenty of evidence for its youth.

Literally hundreds of dating methods could be used to attempt an estimate of the earth’s age, and the vast majority of them point to a much younger earth than the 4.5 billion years claimed by secularists.

The following series of articles presents what Answers in Genesis researchers picked as the ten best scientific evidences that contradict billions of years and confirm a relatively young earth and universe.

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