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I tend to date tall, relatively physically fit brunettes.

That's just my type when it comes to the superficial stuff.

Outlining the facts of the case, prosecutor Mark Heywood QC said Boscolo-Gnolo, 32, first came to the UK in 2012 to do a language course and took a job as a receptionist.

But in January last year, she took a flight to London without telling her family and checked into the Lily Hotel near Earls Court in west London with Farah.

While there, she texted the baby's father and contacted a former colleague who visited and promised to stay in touch.

I’ve learned that those reassurances aren’t for me. He needs to hear me say that it’s okay, that I don’t mind, and that I’m not going anywhere.

The worst way that Jack’s depression affects our relationship is in how it changes his ability tolerate alcohol.

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When the baby was born in November 2014, she was found to have an eye defect although surgery would have helped her development.