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, ET sat down with the 37-year-old reality star on Tuesday in New York City, where she filled us in on what she's been doing since undergoing a total body transformation.

WATCH: Mama June Opens Up About Her Current Relationship With Sugar Bear: 'He Pisses Me Off'It's only been about five days since Mama June has come out of hiding -- she was forced to spend seven weeks in a safe house in order to avoid spoiling her slimmer figure to fans."I'm telling you, if it weren't for the kids, I probably would have lost my s**t," she told ET's Jennifer Peros, referencing her two children, daughters Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, whom she shares with ex-husband Sugar Bear.

Vincent), and she’s closing out 2016 with model Stella Maxwell.

I don’t see Kristen settling down with anyone anytime soon because why should she? I personally would love to see her continuing to hook up with as many famous women as she possibly can. [Tyra banks voice.] But what about Cara Delevingne? Cara Delevingne has proven to be quite an iconic celesbian in 2016 as well.

I’ve sat on this question for about 6 weeks now and all that keeps coming back to my heart and head are these two sentences.

Genuine men almost always accept a woman’s body before she does.

And a woman who is confident in who she is radiates, whereas a self conscious woman dissipates.

When I started dating Nick I was in the highest pant size of my life, and I still am.

"I feel like when people do disguises, it brings more attention to you.

We connected instantly — even more so as we continued to order drinks.

We talked about our mutual love for trash TV, our coming out stories, and our experiences going out to Henrietta Hudson and Cubbyhole, some of the only NYC lesbian bars left standing. It was only when Rebecca asked me what I did and I said I volunteered to raise funds for amputees in developing countries that I stopped and thought about the fact that so far during our date, I had not addressed my disability. I wasn’t wearing my bionic arm at the time, so it was clear as day I was missing my left arm just below the elbow.

I told her I was passionate about my volunteer work because, in case she hadn’t noticed, I was an amputee. Rebecca didn’t seem to care, and I didn’t expect her to. I was pretty self-conscious of my disability at times when I was younger.

As if it wasn’t hard enough being a queer teen in conservative Long Island suburbia, I also had my missing left arm to contend with.

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Shut up.” And my brothers have no problem being honest.

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