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It is a business city, sort of Colombia's version of Chicago. The historical city of Cartagena has a fairy tale quality which makes it perfect for romance.

With its beautiful beaches, stunning architecture and cobbled roads it draws tourists from all over South America and further…

I didn’t fall for him, rather he won me over with his easy demeanor. We got along perfectly and understood each other’s sense of humor, even though we spoke only in Spanish. As he left, Pablo decided to romance me the Latin way and put on some romantic Argentinian music for me. We started kissing and then he began to kiss my breasts. OK, so my rule with blow jobs is that I only give one after sex. meaning Pablo couldn’t get down or he would be seen. I offered him to go surfing so he could finally leave and when that worked, told him I would meet him halfway.

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Don’t worry, you shouldn’t sharpen up your game if the opportunity arises. Lesson number 1: Don’t try to learn Spanish if you don’t want to be made fun of.

Lesson number 2: Don’t try to assume stereotypical attitudes if you don’t want to get dumped.

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You can’t imagine my happiness at leaving behind freezing Canadian winter and heading off to the land of sun, beaches and Latin dancing! I should have been mad maybe, but it was kind of funny and in fact, maybe he was right. But on second thought, personal rules are good to have and no one should ever argue you out of them or you lose your sense of integrity.

Before I started my job, I decided to take two weeks to travel the country and got a volunteering gig as a hotel helper in a surfing town of Santa Catalina. Long time” he said as he held my hand through the woods. We slept in each other’s arms and in the morning, he rose early for surfing. I have never spent the night with a surfer/hippy/tattooed guy. However, the night after I was walking home when I saw him and Pato strolling towards the beach with a surfing instructor Ronaldo. Besides everything, I loved spending time with them.

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