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Consolidating democratic transitions

UNDP accompanied this process, helping to strengthen the capabilities and influence of women's organizations.We supported the founding of the National Women's Forum, which proposed guidelines for action to meet the commitments made in the peace agreements following Guatemala's civil war.La Pierre declared that “drug-dealing illegal immigrants” were pouring over the border and lenient liberal judges were letting criminals prey on innocent people destroying our cities.Trump’s “American carnage” inaugural address no doubt resonated strongly with many NRA true believers.Today, UNDP supports Argentina in its efforts to reduce poverty, protect the environment and promote gender equality, among other issues.With UNDP support, the Government of Peru built the Place of Memory, Tolerance and Social Inclusion to help the nation deal with its open wounds, document the past and remember over 60,000 people who died or disappeared during the 1980-2000 internal conflicts.Donald Trump had many ardent admirers during the 2016 campaign, but one group that jumped on the Trump bandwagon early and enthusiastically was the National Rifle Association.

On the one hand, South Korea joined the ranks of the “Asian tigers” and became a member state of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) due to the success of Park’s government-led, strong-state industrialization strategy.

UNDP also supported Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission 15 years ago to investigate violence and abuse during the two decades of conflict.

Guatemalan women won an important role in the peace process, by creating a vision of an inclusive state.

In December 2001 the President of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa asked Catholic Church leaders and UNDP to promote dialogue and consensus among different, often opposing, social groups.

This was an historic moment for UNDP in the country, when it liaised with key partners to bring the country together at time of acute political and institutional crisis.

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Al Gore’s narrow defeat in the 2000 presidential election convinced Democratic Party strategists to take gun control off the table to stop the erosion of support from rural white voters in the Rust Belt and the South.

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