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Anne sits at her laptop in the kitchen, dipping her tea bag in her mug. She’s gonna get this and change her daughter’s name to Apple Slicer or Pear, just to mess with you.”Anne Hathaway writes her first Facebook post.

Since October 2012, Justin Timberlake has been married to actress Jessica Biel. ”“Oh, I’m gonna have my assistant send Cameron a surfboard.” His tongue sticks out slightly as he concentrates on the game. Selena Gomez texts Justin: hi Selena: I cant find my sunglasses Selena: have u seen them Selena: the ones u said made me look mysterious, u know? Yeah, love.”“Uh-huh,” Jessica says, a smile just barely perceptible. Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein underwear ads are released. How long Jessica Biel remain as Justin Timberlake's wife?Judge for yourself while perusing this list of Justin Timberlake hook ups, girlfriends and exes.

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