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My bags spilled down the mountainside or were crushed beneath the pickup.Fortunately, none of the pickup's occupants—a Japanese journalist, two Afghan interpreters, the driver, and a shoeless boy who had been riding on the roof and wiping dust from the windshield—was seriously injured.Anti-terrorism consultant Chris Hunter: #London Attack was "classic Al-Qaeda and/or IS-style attack" but "it's early days" regarding suspects RCg TED9D— Sky News (@Sky News) June 4, 2017 Anti-terrorism consultant Chris Hunter told Sky News it's "early days" regarding suspects, but he believes the attack has all the characteristics of an extremist attack."It's a classic Al-Qaeda and/or Isis-style attack," Mr Hunter said.Ali Soufan was an agent who also served as the bureau's lead investigator of al Qaeda after 9/11.He said bin Laden's son was seen as the next possible leader of the terrorist organization when he was just a child, CBS News reported.Only my interpreter, a Russian-speaking Afghan, seemed to be hurt; he clutched his side and said that something had hit him in the ribs.We nursed some cuts and bruises, and climbed aboard a Northern Alliance truck carrying wooden crates of Kalashnikov ammunition.

A former FBI agent who has read the documents, which are now declassified, said that Hamza seems motivated and prepared to avenge his father.The United States working in partnership with the United Arab Emirates have placed sanctions on a Yemeni company perceived to fund al-Qaeda.A statement released by the US Treasury on Tuesday designated the Al Omgy and Brothers Money Exchange (Al Omgy Exchange) and the company’s two principal owners Said Salih Abd Rabbuh al-Omgy and Muhammad Salih Abd Rabbuh al-Omgy pursuant to Executive Order 13224 “which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.”As a result of the decree, US nationals are prohibited from engaging in financial transactions with Al Omgy Exchange or its principal partners.Hamza has been a prominent figure in several propaganda videos for al Qaeda, even as a young boy.Fighters for al Qaeda were apparently prepared for Donald Trump's first military raid as President, it has been claimed.

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Meanwhile, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Britain's national parliamentary election on Thursday should not be postponed following the attack.

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